THE MAK’ED TEAM is a German based company, which is a solution developer and solution provider for challenges in management, development and education. We are working with private companies and public institutions in the scope of

  • Corporate Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Human resources Development
  • Business Development

with a strong focus on finance, human resources and sales.

We are working as MAKERS, project managers, sparring partners with the target to force the future viability of companies and institutions. We are working worldwide based on our highly practical knowledge and long-lasting international experience. Our main goal is always to work sustainable to anchor new procedures and knowledge in our clients’ organizations.

THE MAK’ED TEAM is member of:

  • BVMW
  • Mittelstandsallianz Afrika
  • iMove


THE MAK’ED TEAM accompanies and advises international SMEs in questions of their international corporate development and the opening up of foreign markets. THE MAK’ED TEAM develops and implements the entire process of internationalization. Comprehensive expertise simplifies the inception and the expansion of activities in foreign markets.Here, the strategic objectives of the clients will be translated into an internationalization strategy. From this, the objectives can be derived. In preparation for the implementation process, the procurement and sales markets, regulatory provisions and cultural conditions will be analyzed. The search for local partners and the preparation as well as the operational implementation are integral parts of the process.

THE MAK’ED TEAM works with a strong focus on sustainability and thinks and acts along the value chain of its clients.

One of the strong expertise of THE MAK’ED TEAM is the development, implementation and management of continuous education programs, incubator hubs and vocational training centers to develop professionals and to qualify young people for the demand of the job market. The qualification programs are practical and interactive, in collaboration with the economy, and always with a clear objective. This can meet the needs of foreign companies for qualified employees.

Contact details

Nürnberg – Karlsruhe – Berlin /Germany

Brauhausstr. 6, 90409 Nuremberg Germany
Webseite: http://www.the-maked-team.com
Email: info@the-maked-team.com
Tel: +49 911 310453-0