About Miranda OBEN

Miranda OBEN is a Software Engineer born in Cameroon. She is the Founder and President of The Returnees Project Inc. platform – Africa’s, a networking arena launched in 2016 in Douala/Cameroon with members across 11 African countries to link the African diaspora to their respective countries with the purpose to promote the exchange of mutual and valuable resources and to promote investment in Africa.

She also holds several roles of responsibility in organizations in the diaspora and contributes in her way in the growth and pride of Africans across diverse platforms and domains.

Miranda’s greatest wish is to remain an inspiration to everyone, particularly her fellow Africans and especially women everywhere, whatever their dreams, visions and aspirations.

To learn more about the activities of Miranda please follow the links below:

  • http://www.thereturnees54.com
  • http://www.mirandaoben.com