About Rosine-Annick Michaelis

Rosine-Annick Michaelis is a strategy consultant specialized in the deployment of staff and executives abroad (Global Mobility Services).

Rosine has gained a strong connection to Africa through the acquisition of international HR projects with clients abroad. She is the representative of the Business Advisory Board of Mittelstandsallianz Afrika.

Her statement:

“The new alliance will promote the important topics of work and education. Trade, services and production in Africa are all small and medium-sized. The raw material-rich continent has the prerequisites for complete on-site production. The decisive factor for the SME alliance is that in future “training visas” should increasingly play a role in the specialisation of local skilled workers: unlike in previous years, undesirable developments such as one-sided labour and education migration must be counteracted and clearly mutate into “circular migration” that is permeable in both directions and counteracts talent migration. Whether dual training strategies, dual courses of study, digitised application techniques or which regulatory measures are the best answer for Africa, the future will show, I will gladly help to set accents and let myself be surprised”.