About Bienvenue ANGUI

Bienvenue Angui is the Director of the professional network “Le Mittestand BVMW” which connects German SMEs with African and Francophone SMEs. BVMW is the biggest voluntary- based association for small and medium businesses in Germany and in Europe, with more than 900 000 members through our Mittelstandallianz, 300 local representatives throughout Germany and about 40 foreign offices worldwide.
She is also Director of the Mittelstand Alliance Africa (MAA), which works in cooperation with politics, embassies, civil society and entrepreneurs on the African continent, with the aim of being a strong voice for small and medium-sized enterprises in Africa and Germany so that the african continent is seen as an opportunity and a strong partner.
In addition, Mrs. Angui has a long experience in the Franco-German field. She has worked as Director of Marketing and Communications for the German office of one of the largest networks promoting French trade shows abroad, Promosalons Germany, and was a member of the Management Committee of Villafrance in Cologne.
Originally from Ivory Coast, born in France and living for more than 10 years in Germany, Bienvenue Angui is bilingual and has a solid knowledge of these European and African cultures. These qualities make Mrs. Angui, an essential interlocutor of German-African and Francophone relations for the network.

Her credo for Africa:
Of the 2700 hidden champions in the world, more than half are German SMEs, and of the 400,000 German companies present abroad, fewer than 1,000 are on the African continent. It is time for the SMEs to enter the African market for long-term investment and on an eye level. Africa needs SMEs and the Mittelstand Alliance Africa is creating the framework that includes all actors on both continents who want to work concretely on this new dynamic of Africa