About Caroline MWANGI

Caroline Mwangi is the CEO and Co-founder of Kenyan Germany Career & Entrepreneurship Network (KGCEN). During her studies in Germany in International Management, Caroline together with other Professionals saw the need to have a platform enhancing the academic and entrepreneurship relationship between Kenya and Germany to share available opportunities and success stories between the two countries. She is passionate about building sustainable academic and entrepreneurship collaborations between Germany and Kenya. Caroline is also the Co-founder of mitafrika, an initiative based in Germany aiming at bringing African Entrepreneurs and German SMEs together, to contribute to a sustainable mutual socio-economic prosperity between Africa and Germany. Caroline has since been working in the IT sector in Germany and has a vast experience in Human Resource and Project Management. Caroline speaks English, German and Swahili.

“Building the academic and entrepreneurship bridges between Europe/Germany and Africa has been our main goal. Sustainable economic relations between both our continents is the right way to do that. I believe in Brain Gain thus engaging in building a long-term connection between the academic and the corporate sector because this is how we create opportunities for the returnees and local people in Africa. “