About Alhaji Allie BANGURA

Alhaji Allie Bangura is the chairperson and initiator of the Afro Deutscher Akademiker Netzwerk e.V. (German Academic Network). The network’s primary goal is to provide a platform for the exchange of students, practitioners and companies on topics such as diversity and the social and economic development of the African continent. This is done through events focusing on Africa as a continent of opportunity for entrepreneurship, as well as motivational events for young people. The organisation now consists of almost 100 members at six locations in Germany.
Alhaji Allie Bangura holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from TU Darmstadt, followed by a Master’s degree in International Business and Politics from Queen Mary University of London. In addition to his work for the Afro German Academic Network, he works in Investor Relations for an Impact Asset Manager in Frankfurt.
My vision is to build a bridge between Germany/Europe and Africa because I believe that the diaspora in particular must and should play an important role in Africa’s economic development. It is in our interest to initiate a knowledge transfer between Europe and Africa to support the many people who do not have access to education or work to make the most of their future.