About NIFA (Nuremberg’s Initiative for Africa)

What does the Nuremberg Initiative for Africa stand for?

Africa is our neighbouring continent, only a few kilometres away from Europe.
It is much closer to us than America or Asia. Nevertheless, most people still know too little about him, his people and their history. This is despite the fact that the African continent is constantly growing in importance for life on our globe and especially for the lives of the people in Europe.
The image of our society of Africa and its people, including that of many Nuremburgers, is probably marked by prejudices, the causes of which go back a long way and are fed again and again by a multitude of media reports on catastrophes, hunger, despotism, violence, corruption and mismanagement. To change this picture, a network of associations, initiatives, individuals and institutions was formed in 2008, the “Nuremberg Initiative for Africa – NIFA“.
This network meets regularly for exchange and plans activities throughout the year.
It is important to us that each group retains its independence.
New groups and individuals who want to get involved are always welcome.


  • Existing stereotypes associated with Africa are to be questioned, prejudices reduced, clichés counteracted.
  • The initiators advocate a differentiated picture and understanding of Africa.
  • NIFA wants to create a platform of encounter for Africans and Germans living in the Nuremberg and Franconia region and offer opportunities for dialogue.
  • The African continent in all its diversity will be in the focus of the Nuremberg public by means of various events.

Activities and projects
The diversity of the African continent is reflected at NIfA in the numerous local clubs that represent a large number of African countries. These include Guinea, Nigeria, Mali, South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Angola, Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Gambia, DR Congo & Republic of Congo, Somalia, Ethiopia and Liberia.

Main activities:

  1. Discussion event, (human rights, development policy, current political issues related to Africa)
  2. Educational work and an African specialist library (exchange, information events in schools, kindergartens and adult education institutions)
  3. Diverse cultural events (readings with writers of African origin, films by African directors, art, dance and music)
  4. Sports competition (intercultural encounter within the framework of sports activities)
  5. youth work
  6. Encounter and exchange of groups and learning from each other
  7. Annual focus through the selection of a current theme/motto
  8. AKWABA Africa Days in Nuremberg‘ is a central campaign of the Nuremberg Initiative for Africa. The Africa Days, which begin every year on the 2nd weekend in July, focus primarily on political and cultural themes.
  9. mitafrika is an initiative that was founded in order to raise awareness so that German companies could exploit the full potential of business opportunities in African countries. mitafrika:
  • contribute to strengthening the role of the African diaspora in Germany so that it can position itself as a bridge-builder for sustainable trade relations between Africa and Germany.
  • Bring German SMEs and African entrepreneurs together in the diaspora and promote a common approach to the African market.

More information can be found on the NIFA website (http://www.nifa-bayern.de).