According to information from Munich’s Merkur, Söder will announce this afternoon in his government statement that next year his first major trip as Prime Minister will also take him to Africa. So far, the continent has not been the focus of Bavarian state policy – from the CSU, only Development Minister Gerd Müller took a serious look at combating the causes of flight. As a rule, the Prime Ministers’ travels were marked by economic interests, also in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Edmund Stoiber and Horst Seehofer also travelled to Russia several times.

For Söder himself, however, this is not his first trip to the continent. Even as health minister, he visited Kenya, where he learned about health and nature conservation projects.

Markus Söder: Number of asylum seekers in Bavaria down

The CSU politician then said in his government statement to the Landtag in Munich that “so that many people do not even set off on the dangerous path of flight, combating the causes of flight on the ground is a joint international task”. “That’s why my first major trip abroad next year will also take me to Africa.”

According to Söder, the number of asylum seekers in Bavaria has dropped significantly this year. By the end of the year, there will be about 22,000 asylum applications. “During the same period, 15,000 asylum seekers were repatriated or left the state voluntarily,” Söder emphasized. In 2016, there were still about 82,000 asylum applications in Bavaria.

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